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How It Works

Tell us your car details

Tell us your car details.

Look at your driver's side door jamb for a sticker containing your VIN. Input this information into our form.

Confirm your car information

Confirm your car information.

Verify other details about your car, such as its trim level and what features it has.

Get a trade-in cash offer

Get a trade-in cash offer.

Set up a convenient appointment with our team to get your car's condition appraised and receive a cash offer.

Change Up Your Daily Driving Routine

Verifying your current vehicle's car trade-in value can bring you closer to driving your dream car. At Right Price Auto, we offer an extensive selection of used vehicles, ranging from Chevy and Ford trucks to Jeep and Nissan SUVs. As a result, it's easy for individuals and families to find the towing power, cargo space, or amenities they're looking for.

However, if you want to upgrade rather than add another car to your household, trading in your old vehicle has many perks. For one, it can lower the cost of your next ride. Keep that extra money tucked in your wallet, or invest it in a higher-level trim than you were previously expecting to get. For instance, having ventilated seating in the summer in Sevierville, TN, can feel glorious.

Trading in your vehicle is also much more convenient than selling a car privately, and our team offers very competitive rates.

What Is the Trade-In Value of My Car?

This is, of course, the most pressing question. Your car trade-in value will be determined by various factors, including its make, model, model year, trim level, and condition. What options or accessories adorn the vehicle will also make a difference. While our team will give you a formal offer after a vehicle assessment, you can get the best sense of your car's worth using an online calculator.

Try Our Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Tool

Located at the top of this page is our Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Tool. By putting in your VIN or license plate number, you can receive an estimate of what it's worth. Other questions that help determine a car's value include how much mileage is on it and what experiences it has had. For example, have people smoked in the car? Has it had hail damage?

How Do I Trade in My Car?

Trading in your vehicle can be as simple as utilizing the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Tool and then scheduling an assessment with our staff. In addition to your vehicle, please bring all key fobs, the car's title and registration, your driver's license, and proof of insurance to our lot for your assessment.

Sometimes, people take a few extra steps before beginning this process. For example, handling any known mechanical issues can help you secure a better deal.

What Are the Benefits of Selling vs. Trading My Car?

Both selling your vehicle and trading in your car have advantages, but often, it depends on your needs. If you like a car at our dealership and could see yourself behind the wheel, trading in your older vehicle can smoothen the process. Additionally, you will often have to pay less sales tax this way.

Sell us your car if you either don't need another vehicle or if you're interested in a brand-new model since we focus on pre-owned inventory.

Stop by Right Price Auto Today

We want your relationship with our staff to be a two-way street. Talk to our team near Knoxville, TN, if you have questions about trading in a vehicle or our competitive used car financing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, trading in a used car is a worthwhile process that means you don't have to spend time and resources trying to sell your car privately. It can also serve to lower the cost of the vehicle upgrade you're considering and can even lower the sales tax of that purchase. Learn more about this price by talking to our team at Right Price Auto.

Technically, yes, you can trade in a financed car. However, you will still be responsible for any negative equity that exceeds the vehicle's trade-in value. The remaining loan amount will likely need to be rolled over into your new car loan. This can complicate matters, so it's usually simpler to wait to trade in your vehicle until it's been paid off.

Usually, you can trade in a vehicle that you still owe money on. However, the situation typically gets more complicated if your negative equity is greater than the vehicle's trade-in value. Therefore, we recommend using the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Tool above and finding out your vehicle's worth so that you can make an informed decision. Our team will discuss options with you.

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