Q: My credit is bad. Can I get approved at Right Price Auto?

A: Absolutely! We have several dedicated lenders that help customers with all kinds of credit situations. Whether it is good credit, bad credit, no credit, first time buyer. They are waiting to approve you!

Q: Why would I need a co-signer?

A: There are many reasons why you may need a co-signer. Here are just a few of those reasons.

• If you don't meet the lenders minimum monthly income.

• If you already have an open auto and trying to get a second auto loan.

• If you have a low credit score.

• First time buyer with short job time, low monthly income or even both.

Q: What is my downpayment?

A: There are several factors that determine how much of a downpayment you may need. Down payment varies from car to car as well as from lender to lender. The only way to know for sure what your downpayment will be is to fill out an application and get approved!.

Q: My down payment is too high? What can I do?

A: Your down payment is based on your credit history, yearly income, and the price of the vehicle. Some options to lower your down payment include:

• Do you have a vehicle to trade? Any positive trade credit will be applied towards your down payment. We take All Makes & Models. You can fill out the trade application here.

• Try looking through lower priced inventory to see vehicles with lower down payments.

• Do you have any other verifiable income you can add to your financing application?

Q: What is my payment?

A: There are three main factors that determine your payment on your new car!

• Term of the loan

• Interest rate

• The amount financed

Q: Can I get approved without Drivers License?

A: Yes, you can. To finance a car without a driver’s license, you have to provide any valid government issued photo ID.

Q: Can I still get Approved without Social Security?

A: Yes!! Just bring your ITIN Card.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to get approved?

A: To ensure a smooth and enjoyable car buying experience when you come in to see us you should bring:

• Valid DL or Valid government issued photo ID

• Insurance Card

• Trade documents (title, registration, if the vehicle is paid off / 10 day payoff letter from your bank, if the vehicle is not paid off)

• Proof of monthly income through pay stubs or social security income receipts If you have more than one job, bring the stubs from those as well. Bring your bank statements, if you are self-employed.

• Proof of residency t(any current utility bill should do, such as water or electric)

• List of references (not including anyone living in your household).

Q: I get paid cash under the table, can I Qualify?

A: Yes, if you deposit it into the bank.

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